Carlo Cruz-Albrecht

CS 61B Materials

Section Materials:

Intro to Java introductory notes, Java vs Python
highly recommend this git guide
Scope, Pass by Value, Static Java Pointers and Linked List demo
Inheritance Slides
Notes on Static vs. Dynamic method selection
Casting notes: runtime vs compile time errors
Iterators and Iterables Slides
Disjoint Sets and Asymptotics Slides
Question 2.4 Code
LLRBs, Hashing, Heaps Slides
Tree Traversals, Tries, KD Trees Slides
DFS, BFS, Dijkstra's, A*, Prim's, Kruskal's Slides + pseudocode
More Sorting Slides
Final Disc! Review and (fun) Problems Worksheet


Other 61B Staff Materials:
Kevin Lin
Matt Sit