Carlo Cruz-Albrecht

My Past Website

Yay! I at last have a new website. Something that looks decently clean, loads quickly and works on mobile.

I used Jekyll which is a static site generator. The content of all the pages are in markdown (with some html thrown in) and they’re processed into HTML and CSS based off of my html layout and sass files. It’s was a little bit of a learning curve to understand and wrangle with the default templates Jekyll creates for you. But the end result is clean, fast and easy to edit.

My original website was written entirley from scratch using pure HTML, CSS, Javascript. No frameworks. While that was rewarding and enriching in itself, the architecture meant that adding any new features and organization slowed everything down. And a lot of patchwork CSS was needed to tape everything together!

It’s taken me some time to learn that the hard-work, brute force approach isn’t the most effective. It’s just something I’ve become so much more aware of recently as I reflect on my college experience so far.

If you want, you can check out the old site below. I’ll miss it but I’m also glad to say good riddance.