Carlo Cruz-Albrecht


Fall 2018: CS61B

Lab: Thursdays 5-7pm, Soda 273
Discussion: Tuesdays 5-6pm, Dwinelle 223
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10-11am, 109 Morgan
All office hours

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Notes, section slides, etc.:

Discussion 1:

  1. Section notes
  2. Plus, highly recommend this git guide

Discussion 2:

  1. Java Pointers and Linked List Demo

Discussion 4:

  1. Inheritance Slides
  2. Question 4 Code:
  3. Practice Problem (static/dynamic type madness): Sp18 MT1 Question 3, Sol

Discussion 11:

  1. Balanced Search Trees (Red Black Trees), Tries, Skip Lists - Slides/demo

Discussion 12 / 13:

  1. Dijkstra’s, A*, Prim’s, Kruskal’s Pseudocode

Disjoint Sets Slides

Hash Tables Slides

My Other Course Resources

Data 100 (Principles + Techniques of Data Science)

CS61A (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)


  1. Introductory Python Series

  2. Python Libraries for Data Science Series

  3. Selected Staff Webpages:
    Kevin Lin
    Matt Sit