Carlo Cruz-Albrecht


Data Structures (CS61B)

Here’s a compilation of most of my 61B materials from my four times TAing the course.

Intro to Java
Exceptions, Packages, access modifiers
Iterators and Iterables
Disjoint Sets
LLRBs, Hashing, Heaps
Tree Traversals, Tries, KD Trees
Graphs: DFS, BFS, Dijkstra's, A*, Prim's, Kruskal's

Algorithms & Intractable Problems (CS 170)

9/6/19: Maximum Subarray Sum in Linear Time
9/27/19: Dis 5 Slides (Dijkstra, Bellman Ford, Greedy Algorithms, MSTs)
Dis 11: Reductions & Complexity Classes
Dis 12: Approximation Algorithms

Intro Python & Programming (CS 61A)

These lessons are interactive and come with programming exercises :)

  1. First Python Lesson
    • Getting you familiar with some python power! Expressions, arithmetic, names, and functions
  2. Understanding Names + Advanced Functions and Frames
    • Going in depth as to what’s going on when we call functions
    • Plus, boolean logic!

Python Libraries (Data Science)

  1. Numpy
    • the building block of data science with python
  2. Pandas
    • manage and process your data
  3. Matplotlib + Seaborn
    • Data Visualization